Singularity focuses on providing enterprise solutions that drive collaboration within an organization. As a Google partner, we offer an array of solutions from Google, alongside a wide array  complementary services from our team.

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Deployment Services

We help customers deploy licenses in their organizations. You can actually do it yourself, but, why bother? We can help you with that!

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Consulting Services

Deploying a product can be challenging, but armed with our experience and best practices, we will make sure that moving to a new environment will be easier. We offer consulting in project management, technical configuration and change management.

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Training Services

We make sure that everyone is equipped with the right information and knowledge as they move to a new environment. You should not feel lost when that day comes!

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Support Services

No, we won’t leave you after we deploy. We also offer services to help you manage your accounts.

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Transformation Services

Why stop at deployment? We will help you look into your processes which we can improve to transform you do your business.